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Woodchucker PLA 1.75mm - 3DQF UK Made 3D Printer Filament

Woodchucker PLA 1.75mm - 3DQF UK Made 3D Printer Filament

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Think you've used PLA before, this is the real deal!

What do 3DQF have to Say?

So how much wood would a 3D printer chuck if a 3D printer would chuck wood?

Very excited to bring you our latest Filament creation, this new wood-based filament is super easy to print with running a .6 nozzle and higher will give you really cool printed items. Giving off a slight woody smell really does make you think you're working in a woodshop. Take a look at the printing guide as it does like it cooler than our normal Resin. Keep checking our website blog and Facebook Page for updates on the new range and release date.

Available in PLA in 1.75 mm 


  • Material PLA filament
  • Diameter 1.75mm + or - 0.03mm
  • Filament Weight 1 Kg Net
  • Print Temperature 180 - 190°C
  • Bed temperature 40-50°C or unheated

Spool Spec

  • 76mm W
  • 198 mm D
  • 70 mm Axle 
  • Card Construction
  • Airtight Vacuum Bag with desiccant
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