Welcome to InkStation

We stock a wide range of compatible inks which are available for home delivery or in-store collection.

In-store we also have a DHL Express Collection and Drop off point, you can find out more on the link at the top of the page.

  • Do I have the right printer?

    Most people buy a printer because they need one, not always because they want one. This usually leads to the question when buying "Which is the cheapest printer?" when we should really be asking "Which printer is going to be cheapest for me to use?

    Find out the difference here 
  • Are compatible cartridges best for me?

    You might expect us to say "yes, its cheaper and saves you money" but that isn't always the case for everyone. Those who only use a printer once or twice a year might be better with the Genuine inks.

    Find out why here 
  • Eco-tank printers, what are they?

    Are they better for the environment and are they really that much cheaper to run? Are they worth the extra cost up-front? We'll explain what they are and what the costs really are.

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