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Pearl Plum PLA 1.75mm - 3DQF UK Made 3D Printer Filament

Pearl Plum PLA 1.75mm - 3DQF UK Made 3D Printer Filament

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Think you've used PLA before, this is the real deal!

What do 3DQF have to Say?

This is the start of our new Pearl range of colours, fresh out of our extruder. We wanted a set of colours that are really different, metallic almost. After a good amount of testing we settled on these four new colours, Pearl Black, Pearl Blue, Pearl Plum & Pearl Purple. Well this was the wild card colour, in honesty after doing some ground work we wanted something very different to our other colours and I think we got it, I don’t think we have seen many colours like our new Pearl Plum on the market and we are super happy with it, we hope it’s not too marmite!

Available in PLA in 1.75 mm & 2.85mm


  • Material PLA filament
  • Diameter 1.75mm + or - 0.03mm
  • Filament Weight 1 Kg Gross
  • Print Temperature 210 - 220°C
  • Bed temperature 40-50°C or unheated

Spool Spec

  • 76mm W
  • 198 mm D
  • 70 mm Axle 
  • Card Construction
  • Airtight Bag with desiccant
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